Complaint Type

Complaint Type

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The Harassment and Discrimination Assistance and Prevention Program is the official office at UC Davis and UC ANR for reporting the following five complaint types:

*The concern must have a nexus to a protected category. Please see the discrimination webpage for list of protected categories. 

Other Complaint Types

If none of the complaint types listed above capture your concern (s) (i.e., your concerns are harassment or bullying unrelated to a protected category), we encourage you to contact the following departments to review your concerns:

Please note just because your concerns don't fall within the scope of our work, this does not mean the events did or did not occur as alleged, or that they were or were not appropriate. 

What can you do if you experienced any of the Five Complaint Types?

  • Don't blame yourself.
  • You have not asked for this unwelcome behavior.

  • Get personal support.
  • Don't let feelings of self-doubt or confusion stop you from seeking help or speaking out. Consider talking to any of the resources available to you.

  • Act quickly.
  • You can choose to file a report.

    The behavior will not go away. Often the behavior escalates rather than diminishes. Also, some options for remedy expire after 30 days.

  • Keep a record.
  • Note dates, places, times and witnesses, as well as the nature of the unwanted conduct. 

    If you have experienced a sexual assault, we encourage you to review this website on what to do after a sexual assault for information on your options for preserving evidence. 

  • Learn your rights and resources.
  • We encourage you to utilize support resources available to you and to review our policies to understand your rights.